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NimbusRMS works in both online and offline modes. Three screens remain active in offline mode: Login screenSales and Return; Dashboard


Note: Only the user who has the right to use offline mode can work in the offline mode. To give rights, on the Users screen select user and mark the checkbox Enable Offline Services.

When your internet connection is slow or is not available, you can switch to Offline mode by following the steps listed below:

  • Before going offline, you need to sync all your master data; this will download all data from cloud and store it in your local browser.
  • From the sidebar menu, select Offline>Sync Master Data

offline mode in Candela Nimbus

  • A screen will open up showing Sync Master Data & Delete Master Configuration  buttons.


sync or delete master data in Nimbus


If another user had been using the offline mode and had also synced sales, click Delete Master Configurations button to delete data from the browser. 

Now click Sync Master Data button


syncing master data in Candela Nimbus

  • A progress bar will show syncing of the data


  • Once the data is synced, click on the browser back button to go back to the previous screen

Sync master data button will remain active, don’t let this confuse you. Just click the browser back button once the progress bar is complete. And yes, DON”T clear your browser history or you will lose all your synced data saved in the local browser
  • Now click the Online (green) button on the top. It will turn grey indicating the status of a connection: Offline


offline mode button in Candela Nimbus

  • Carry on with your sales


Note: In Offline mode, sales receipts cannot be edited or deleted. If you want to edit or delete a particular receipt you can do so by first syncing sales and then doing so in the online mode.


For Syncing sales made during the offline mode, check this article

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