Syncing Sales in Offline Mode

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Syncing Sales


Remember: To be able to sync sales the user should have the right to use offline services. This right is given on Users screen.


If you have carried out your sales in the offline mode, you will need to sync all sales to transfer your sale data to the main data base on cloud. This is a simple process; just follow the steps below:

  • Go online by clicking on the online/offline button on the dashboard. It will become green
  • From the sidebar menu, select Offline>Sync Sales



This will shift all your sales to the main database on cloud.


Automatic Sales Sync


Nimbus provides you with the option to configure it for automatic syncing of sales data.

You can configure Nimbus for automatic sync on Offline tab. Once the  configuration is done all sales carried out during the offline mode will be automatically transferred to live data base according to the time span selected on the offline tab. 

You can check details of transferred data in Reports>E-Data Sync Report>E-01 Offline Data Transfer Report

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