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To access Supplier Account Opening screen, from the main menu select Parties>Supplier Account Opening.


Supplier Opening Balance Records


The default Records screen shows opening balances of all your suppliers on various dates.

To check opening balance records of a particular supplier, from Supplier Name drop down, select supplier.

Opening balances (as saved on various dates) of the selected supplier will load in the grid.


 Note: Ten latest records will be visible. From Go to Page drop down (at the bottom of the page) you can select the next page to view more records.

Deleting a Supplier Account Opening Balance


To delete supplier account opening balance record, double click the record in the grid


It will load on the Account Opening tab.


Now click Delete. This will delete the previous balance and make the opening balance field editable.


Now select the supplier from Supplier Name drop down and enter the opening balance.


Note: Only the latest record of the selected supplier can be deleted

Note: You can use this screen to correct any mistake while entering supplier’s opening balance on the supplier screen.  For example, if you forget to enter opening balance on the supplier screen, the default opening balance will appear as zero. You can delete it, enter new balance and save it. 

Note: on the supplier screen, once a supplier’s record is saved, opening balance amount cannot be entered or changed.

upplier account opening in Nimbus


Locking Supplier Transactions


Locking transactions at regular intervals helps in streamlining your accounts and keeping your data processing faster.

Locking supplier transaction till a specific period simply means that current balance of the supplier is  made the new opening balance. 


How to create a new opening balance


When you select a supplier on the Account Opening screen, the supplier’s last saved opening balance will be visible in the Opening Balance field:


adding new opening balance of supplier in nimbus


Click New button 

Payable balance to the selected supplier till the current date will load on in the field.

Click Save

Now the current balance will become the new opening balance  from the current date onward. And all transactions prior to the current date will be locked.

All GRNs created before the new opening balance date will also be locked and no changes can be made in them.


entering new supplier balance in nimbus


supplier records in Nimbus


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