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Depending on the size of a business, there can be a few or many employees working at a retail store. These employees may or may not be working on various Nimbus screen. This means some of the employees will be users (working on the application) and others will not be users (not working on the application). 

Whether users or not, it is helpful to keep record of all your employees. You can define all your store employees and attach employee type to each employee. 


Employees Records


To access employees screen, go to Configuration>Store Configuration>Store Employees


store employees screen in nimbus rms


The Records tab of the screen will show list of all defined employees. For chain stores , records of employees at each store can be viewed by selecting the Store.


Store employees records in NimbusRMS



Defining Store Employees


To Define a new employee click the New button on the top right side of the screen or click Store Employees tab.


efining Store employees in NimbusRMS


In Store field, select the store for which you want to define employees.


Enter Name of the employee in Employee Name field.


Give code to the employee in Employee Code field

Note: Employees codes  attached to salespersons  appear on Sales and Return screen when a salesperson is selected while making a receipt. 

Item wise sale person selection on sales and return screen also shows employee codes


From Employee Type field select the type that you want to attach to the employee 


You can enter employee’s salary in the Salary field.


Default Start Date is the current date of the system. You can change it by selecting the calendar icon.


Once defined, employee records cannot be deleted but you can select End Date to deactivate an employee’s record.


If Set as Sales Person checkbox is checked for a particular employee, her/his name will appear in the list of sales persons on Sale and Return screen.


If you have marked the check-box ‘Set As Sales Person‘ for a particular sales person, and selected the same user  from Attach User drop down, that particular sales person will appear as default sales person of the shop and will not be editable.

Note: Users are attached to particular tills when you want to keep track of their performances. This check box  makes sure that the user for a particular till will not be able to change the name of sales person on her/his till.


in Store Configuration

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