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SMS configuration screen is used to generate auto SMS about various transactions and other promotional activities. You can send auto SMS to customers, walk in customers, suppliers, or head office depending on the nature of the activity you want to SMS about


For Auto SMS to work ‘Enable Transactional SMS’ check-box should be checked on SMS tab


To access SMS Configuration screen, go to: Utilities>Setup &Configuration>SMS Configuration:

sms configuration screen in nimbus


Click on the expand sign to display activities under each activity headĀ 

Default sms configuration in Nimbus

Once the screen is expanded, all transactions under the selected activity and their default messages will be listed.

Check the appropriate recipient box and enter cell number against it

Note: You will enter cell numbers only for head office (it is the number of head office user to whom you want to send the message about the selected transaction)

Nimbus will pick contact numbers of customers and walk-in customers from Customer Definition and Sales and Return screens.

Nimbus will automatically pick the name of the shop sending the message.


default sms messages for activities

Click Update.


Changing Default Message


To change default message, delete theĀ  message in User Defined SMS field and write down a new message.

Once you have changed the message you can always revert to the default message by clicking Default SMS button.

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