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Send SMS screen is used to send SMS  to customers, vendors, employees, etc. 

Note: To be able to use this service an important configuration has to be made. On System Configuration>SMS/ tab, mark the check-box “Enable SMS Services’ 

You can access Send SMS screen from the main menu:

send sms screen in Nimbus



Selecting Criteria


Sending SMS to suppliers:


For sending customized message to suppliers, from Criteria drop down select supplier.

Note: When ‘Supplier’ is selected, all other fields become disabled.


Sending SMS to Customers


From Criteria drop down select Customer


You can filter customer selection by Gender and Customer Type 


For sending customized Birthday or Anniversary greetings to customers, mark the required check box against the field. Date calendar will be enabled. Select dates. All those customers whose birthday or anniversary falls on the selected date will load on the Send SMS tab


Select the radio button All or Having Mobile No. If you select Having Mobile No, only the  customers (falling within the selected criteria) with mobile numbers will load.


Note: Customer Gender, Type, City, Birthday, Anniversary and mobile numbers are defined on Customer screen


To  filter customers by cities and shops , select cities and shops from from the grids.


Sending Promotional Messages



Note:Balance field will show existing balance of the SMS service you are using. Expiry date field will show the date when your SMS service expires.


Customer or suppliers (or both) selected on the Criteria tab will appear in the grid .

You can select the ones you want to send the sms to.

Write down the sms message in Your Message field.


Sending Message by loading Contact number file


If you choose to send message by loading contact number data, you don’t need to visit the Criteria tab. Simply go to the Send SMS tab and do the following: 

Click Choose File button to load the file of contact numbers

Write down the SMS in Your Message field

Click Send.


sending promotional sms in Nimbus

Note: you need to prepare contact number files according to the provided sample. Click Sample File  button to check the sample

Note: The length of sms message cannot be greater than 612 characters



When Message Sending Fails


Message sending may fail for different reasons. For example, the  contact numbers may not be in the right format, or they may be wrong, etc. 

A separate file titled ‘M-01 Failed SMS Report’ is created of all those numbers for which message sending fails . You can check this report and re-send the message.

To access the report go to:


failed message report in Nimbus

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