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Nimbus RMS can generate barcodes for the SKUs entered in the system. Nimbus does this by creating barcode graphics for all item codes. Depending on the size of the code you can select the appropriate barcode template and print item barcodes from various screens in Nimbus RMS.


Selecting Items for Barcode Generation


On this screen, you can generate barcode for selected items. Items can be selected in a number of different ways according to your requirements.


Selecting Items by giving Item Range


You can select items by entering a range of item codes of a particular department

Select the Department and enter Product Range


selecting item range in Nimbus RMS for Barcodes


Click Fill Grid


All items falling within the selected Item range will load in the grid


Select Barcode Template and click Generate Barcode

Note: To learn how to customize barcode templates visit this article


In the Quantity column enter the number of barcodes you want to print

barcode generation in Nimbus RMS by selecting item range


Nimbus will generate a preview of the barcodes.


Printing barcodes in Nimbus RMS


Department and Attributes-wise Selection of Items


You can also choose to generate barcodes for items of one or all departments having certain attributes

Select Department

If you want to load items having certain attributes, select attributes


line item wise item selection for barcodes


Click Fill Grid Button


Enter quantity in Quantity column in the grid


Select Barcode Template and click Generate Barcode


Click print button to Print barcode labels.


Single or Multiple Individual Items selection


To select individual items, irrespective of the department, Click Product Help

Note: Keep the Hold Product Help checkbox checked


product selection in Nimbus RMS


In Product Help window, select items for which you want to generate barcodes


Individual item selection barcode generation in Nimbus RMS


All selected Items will load in in the grid


Enter barcode quantity, select barcode Template, and click Generate Barcode button.

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