Returning Stock to Supppliers

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Sometimes, you may need to return the received stock if it is not of acceptable quality, or if the quantity received is more than the ordered quantity.

If you return stock before making a GRN, you will only need to modify the GRN against its PO. But if you find something amiss after creating a GRN, you will need to modify the stock in your system as well. For example, if you ordered 300 kurtis and found 100 kurtis defected, the defected 100 will be returned to the supplier through Goods Return Receipt. The entry will also update your supplier account and will automatically deduct the amount payable to the vendor. In case the vendor has already been paid, the amount will appear in negative in the supplier account.


In  Nimbus, you can return stock by navigating to

Purchase>GRR (Goods Return Receipt)


Returning Stock


Returning Stock against a GRN

From the drop down menu, select the supplier you want to return products to.

If you want to return products against a particular Good Receipt Note, navigate to Item Selection section

From Purchase Invoice drop down, select the GRN number against which you want to return products.


GRR in Nimbus


Note: Purchase Invoice No is the Supplier invoice number on GRN screen


Selected Purchase Invoice section will show details of the GRN against which stock is being returned.

 Invoice Number: Number of the selected GRN

Invoice Amount: Total amount of the selected GRN

Date: Date when the selected GRN was  created


details of selected GRN for stock return

The grid will show details of the product being returned through the selected invoice.

The grid will load the entire list of products received against the selected GRN. If there is a certain product that you don’t want to return you can simply delete it from the grid.

Moreover, you can also change the quantity you want to return.


purchase return grid in candela Nimbus


Checking details of the Products Being Returned


To check details of tax and discount that were applied on the GRN against which products are being returned, mark the checkbox Show Discount and Sales Tax Details

To check product details like Name, Size and Color, mark the checkbox ‘Show Product Details.’


Returning Selected Products


From supplier drop down select the supplier you want to return products to.

To return selected products, navigate to Item Selection section and click product help button  to select the products you want to return.

Products will load in the grid.

In Ret Qty column enter the quantity you want to return and Save.


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