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Goods Received Note is a document that is used to record the inventory items received from suppliers. GRNs can be issued directly or against already issued Purchase Orders. The document normally records details of Received Quantity, Supplier Name and PO No. The practice of preparing GRNs is important as it promotes proper inventory control and restricts the unwanted, unauthorized entry of goods in the organization.


Preparing GRN


From the Supplier drop-down, select the supplier you are receiving stock from (all suppliers defined on the Supplier definition screen will appear in the drop down). If suppliers are not already defined, you can add a new supplier through quick definition screen by clicking the quick definition button (button with plus sign).


Current date will appear in the Date field.

The system will generate a number for the GRN to identify it

Select the radio button for Payment Mode depending upon how you make payment to the supplier for stock received.

 Note. All cash payments to supplier on this screen appear as cash outflows in Supplier Payment field on Store Closing screen.

Receiving Stock on Credit: If stock is received on credit, select Credit from Payment Mode radio buttons.

Payment to credit customers is made on Supplier Payment screen.

Opening Balance of supplier (amount payable to supplier) is also automatically updated on Supplier Account Opening screen.


Entering Bill Details


Click on Bill Details section to expand it. 


Entering GRN Bill details in Nimbus


An automatically generated number will appear in Supp Invoice number field.  This number is used to identify the GRN.

Enter the number of supplier’s bill in Bill No field.

Enter the date on Supplier’s bill in Bill Date field. The system defaults to the current date, you can edit the date by clicking on the date icon.

In the Due Date field you can enter the date when supplier payment for the particular order is due.  Otherwise the system will default to the current date.


Selecting Stock Items


To enter stock,  navigate to Item Selection section.

Click Item help button to select products.


selecting Items for GRN in Nimbus

The selected products will load in the grid.

Enter received quantity in Pack Qty field.


Receiving stock in Nimbus

Once you enter products and their quantities, the total payable amount for the GRN being made will appear in Invoice amount field.

Click Save.



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