Receiving Stock Against a Purchase Order

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For receiving stock against a particular Purchase Order carry out the following steps:

  • From the Supplier drop down field select the supplier whose purchase order you want to load.


Making GRN against Purchase Order in Candela Nimbus


  • Expand Bill Details section and In the Due Date field you can enter the date when supplier payment for the particular order is due.  Otherwise the system will default to the current date.
  • Navigate to Item Selection section
  • Now from purchase order drop down field select the order you want to load

Drop down menu will show all the open purchase orders made against the selected supplier.

creating GRN against a purchase order in Nimbus


  • The selected purchase order will load in the grid with the order quantity entered in the purchase order.


creating GRN against a purchase order2


Click Save. The system will enter the Pack Qty of each product in the inventory.

If the quantity received is either more or less than the quantity of the purchase order, you can edit the number in Pack Qty field.

To check inventory see report D-26 Inventory Snapshot report.


If Partial Stock is Received Against a Purchase Order


If the quantity you receive against a particular PO is less than the quantity mentioned in the PO, you can enter the received quantity in Pack Qty column and save the PO.

In this case, the status of PO will remain Open unless you manually close it on the PO records screen.

In case, the received and entered quantity is more than the PO quantity, the status of PO will change too Close


Keeping Track of Purchase Order Against Which Stock is Received Multiple Times


It is easy.  As mentioned above, the status of the PO against which complete stock is not received will remain open. This means it will keep appearing in the purchase order drop-down menu.

When you select it from the drop down, it will load in the grid showing the quantity yet to be received.

To check PO history, navigate to the Grid Settings section and mark the checkbox ‘Show PO History.’


checking PO history on GRN screen in Nimbus

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