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Product Variables


There are various department and product attributes that help you further refine your product identification. The variables listed in this section are those attribute labels that can be changed according to your requirements.

For example:


Product variables in Nimbus


customizing product variables in Nimbus 

Similarly, all labels in this section can be changed according to your preference and needs.


Product Code


Product code settings in Nimbus


Product code Data Type: This drop down contains two data types, Text and Numeric. When you select Text data type, Nimbus allows you to enter alphanumeric data in Product Code field while defining products on Product Definition screen. When you select Numeric data type, you can only enter numbers in Product code field.

The decision about product code data type should be made before defining products. Once the products are defined this flag becomes un-editable.


Variable Product Code: The digit entered here decides the length of the product code template. This means the length of the code template cannot be more than the number entered in this field. Suppose you have entered 4 as a value of variable product code and you define a new template as ‘GR’.  Now when you define a new product under this template, the system will check the length of the ‘Code’ as defined in the template and add counter with it along with zeros to make the product code length equal to the value entered in the ‘Product Code’ length.


Product code example in Nimbus

In the above example, the system takes code ‘GR’ of the template and adds counter and zeros to make it equal to the length entered in Product code field, i.e., 6.


Product Code Only:This check-box is also checked/unchecked before defining products in the system meaning you do so on a blank database.

Once the products are defined, this check-box becomes un-editable. Checking or unchecking of this check-box is an important configuration that decides whether size and color features will be available or not.  For all business types that deal in items without size and color (grocery, pharmacy, petroleum and bakery products) this check-box has to be checked. Otherwise all additional features and reports required for size and color items will be visible.


Variable Length: As the name suggests, if this checkbox is unchecked, the system will restrict product code length to the number entered in the product code field. But if it is checked the system will not restrict product code length to the number in the product code field.

Note: The variable length functionality is applicable only to manual entry of code. System generated codes through product template will depend on ‘Variable Product Code’ and ‘Product Code’ fields whether variable length checkbox is checked or not.


manual code with variable length in nimbus

Note: If you opt for manual entry of codes, make sure the length does not exceed 7 for size and color items.




Decimal Point in Value: This field sets the number of decimal values that you can see in cost price, retail price, VAT, etc. You can set the required limit by selecting any value from the drop down.

Example. If you have selected 2 from the drop down, you can add two decimal values  to retail price:

etting decimal value in nimbus


Stock Opening: This field is used to select a supplier for the opening stock. When you define a new product and enter the opening stock of that product through Configuration>Product Definition>Opening Stock tab, the system automatically creates a GRN to manage inventory of the product. And to create an automatic GRN the system requires a supplier. You can select any supplier from this combo box and all automatic GRNs will be created against this supplier.

Note: When products transactions (sales, purchase, return and receiving) exist in application, opening stock value cannot be entered.


Product Help Search Option: In Nimbus, when you open ‘Product Code Help’ window to load products you can search the required product by ‘Product Code‘ or ‘Product Name‘. Here you can select the required option from dropdown and the cursor will automatically point in that field by default whenever user opens Product Help Search Window on any screen. For example, if you select ‘Description‘ from drop down, system will always set the focus of the cursor in the ‘Product Name‘ field on ‘Product Code Help’ window.


product help search option in nimbus


Decimal Point in Qty:Decimal points in Qty means you can sell quantity in decimal points on the sales and return screen. You can select the decimal points up to the required limit by selecting any value from drop down. For example, if you select 1, you can sell quantity till one decimal point like 3.1; 3.5, 1.2 etc.


Check-Boxes Explained


Show pack in physical audit: : In some businesses like pharmacy, the user may want to see the quantity of products in both ‘Pack’ and ‘loose’ forms on the Physical Audit screen. If this checkbox is checked, the system will show quantity (system and physical) in both packs and units.

For example, if a packet consists of 15 tablets and total tablets are   71, on physical audit screen, the system will show 4 (4*15= 60) in Pack column and extra (Open) 11 tablets will be shown in Unit column and total quantity will be 71. You can enter physical quantity in both ways i.e. in Pack and Units.


physical quantity in both packs and units in Nimbus


Display Vendor Code: If this checkbox is checked the system shows a new text field of Vendor Code  on Product Definition screen (below Department field) where you can enter vendor codes (codes received from suppliers) for inventory items.

Note: The vendor code entered here will be displayed on Purchase Order Matrix print which will help supplier to identify products according to their own codes.


Display Product Details: There is a check box of ‘Show Product Detail’ on many screens of Nimbus that is used to view Product Name, Size and Color. If you check this flag here, you don’t need to check ‘Show Product Detail’ flag every time on each screen. The system will always keep this flag checked on every screen.


show product details checkbox in Nimbus

Price Includes VAT: VAT is sales tax that is charged to customers. VAT can either be included in the price of a product or it can be shown separately on a sales receipt and added to the total amount. When this check-box is checked, system assumes that whatever selling price is defined for products is the final price for the customer and this price includes the applicable GST or VAT. For example, if a product has price 12000 and VAT is 5 percent then it means that actual price of the product is 12000-5%  but the system has added VAT in Price and now the price of the product will be 12000 including VAT. If this check-box is unchecked application calculates the applicable tax and adds it to the defined selling price.


When Price includes VAT When price excludes VAT


Show Inventory in Physical Audit: On Physical Audit screen, there is a column of System Qty which shows inventory in the system of the selected products till the selected date.If you don’t want to show System Qty column on Physical Audit screen to your shop user you can uncheck this check box.


Unique Vendor Code: If this checkbox is checked, the system will not let you save the same vendor code twice. Like product code, you will have to assign a unique vendor code to every product.


Unique Product Name: If this checkbox is checked, the system will not let you save the same Product Name twice. And you will have to enter a unique product name for every product.

in System Configuration

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