Making Payments to Suppliers

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Supplier Payment allows you to enter payments to suppliers for the stock purchased on credit. 

To access the Supplier Payment screen, go to: Accounts>Supplier


Supplier payments screen in Nimbus


Recording Supplier Payments


Select the Supplier  you are paying to from Supplier Name drop down.


Payment Date will show the current date. If you want to change the date click the icon next to the payment date field to display the calendar, and select a new date. 


Enter the total amount you are paying the supplier in the Payment Amount field. This may be payment against one or several GRNs.


To select your mode of payment, from Payment Type drop down select the mode .In Nimbus you can make payments to suppliers in the following two modes:


Bank Transfer (Enter details in Check details fields)


If you want to make payment against a particular GRN, in Invoice Detail section click the help button to select the relevant invoice. 


Payable amount of the selected invoice will be displayed in Total Amount field. You can make  full or partial payment against this invoice by entering the amount in Payment Amount field.


If you want, enter a comment that describes the transaction in Comment field.


When you have entered all the details,  click Save


Making payment to suppliers in Nimbus


The Payment Details section will show details of Supplier ledger:


Supplier payment details in Nimbus


Opening Balance fields shows the opening balance defined on Supplier definition screen. 


Total Purchases field shows the total amount of purchases made from the selected supplier till the current date.


Total Returns will show totals returns (amount of the returned items) if any.


Paid Amount will show the total amount paid to the supplier so far.


Net Payable will show the remaining amount due to the supplier. 


Printing Supplier Payment Slip


To generate a supplier payment slip, from the grid select the payment record you want to print and click the print button.


printing supplier payment record in Nimbus


The system will generate a receipt for the customer. You can print it.


supplier payment slip in Nimbus


Deleting/Updating a Supplier Payment Record


To delete or update a supplier payment record, from the grid select the payment record you want to delete or update. 

Update and Delete buttons will be activated.

Make the required changes and click Update. Or simply click Delete if you want to delete a record.


Remember: On this screen only payments made against stock purchased on credit are recorded. If payments are made in cash (in such cases, cash mode will be selected on GRN screen), the payment will not be entered here. Such cash payments are picked by the system as Vendor Purchase and are reflected as such on Account Transaction and Store Closing screens.


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