Editing, Searching & Deleting Customer Records

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Editing Customer Details


To view or edit details of a certain customer, click Customer View tab.

In the list view, click on the customer’s line whose record you want to edit.


editing customer records in Nimbus

Customer Info screen will open up showing selected customer’s details.

Make edits.

Click Update


Searching Customer Records


To search a particular customer from your customer database, click Customer View tab.


Nimbus searches customer database on a number of fields—name, address, CNIC, mobile, and phone numbers.


You can enter information in any field and click the Search button below.


The record of the customer (according to the searched criteria) will appear in the list view. You can click it to load it on the Customer Info screen.


Nimbus also searches customer database on the date range during which customers are defined. Simply enter dates in From and To fields to  generate a list of customers created within that period.

Why Customer’s Record Can’t be Deleted


Customer’s record, once you have  saved all the details, cannot be deleted from the system. Because Customer database is accessed by sales and return and a number of other screens, it is not advisable to delete such records. 

Thus Nimbus has the added security regarding customer deletion  to  make sure that you don’t delete any customer’s record by mistake. 


Terminating a customer’s Record

However, you can easily terminate a customer’s record by entering the expiry date in the Expiry Date field on Customer Info screen. The record of that customer, from the expiry date onward, will not be visible on any screen. 


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