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Adding Products to a Sale in  Nimbus


You can add products to a sale by either searching or scanning products. 


Scanning Products: Simply bring the cursor in the product help field and scan products. 


Searching products:

  • To search products for adding to a sale,  click F1, F6, F5 or product help icon (question mark) in the product help field.


making a receipt in candela Nimbus

Product help screen will open up


You can type the code in Code field to load the product you want to sell. Similarly you can also type name of the product in the Name field.

Note: Position of the cursor on Product help screen is dependent on Product Help Search Option drop down selection.


Click on the product to add it to the sale.


To select various products from the entire product list, click Search button and once the products load select the products you want to add to a sale.


product help screen in candela Nimbus


Close the product help screen by clicking the cross sign on the top


All selected products will load with the quantity entered in the Qty/Product field. You can manually change  quantity  in the sale grid.


To bring the cursor in the Qty field click F9


sale grid in candela Nimbus


Quick Receipt For Cash Payment: If it is cash payment you can opt for a quick receipt. Simply click Cash Receipt button and the system will print the receipt. However, while preparing a quick receipt you cannot enter received cash and the system will not show the balance amount either. Moreover, you cannot enter adjustment while preparing a quick receipt.

cash receipt button for preparing a quick receipt



To receive payment in cash plus other modes and enter adjustment, click Payment button at the bottom.

Payment screen gives you the option to receive payment in different modes. You can use the one you need.

If it is cash payment, enter the amount in cash payment field and  click Save.

Note: For more details on payment options click here


receiving payments against sales

When you save a sale, sale receipt will pop up.


Click Print button to print receipt.


sale receipt

Note: You can customize your receipt here

The above steps are all you need to make a sale!




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