Inventory Adjustment

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Why Inventory Adjustment?


While it is important to perform complete stock take at regular intervals, sometimes you also need to reduce inventory because of reasons other than sale.  Some such reasons can be:

  • Theft
  • Wastage
  • Consumption by the staff, etc.

Similarly, you may need to quickly add stock of a few items for which you need a short cut method without having to go to GRN screen.

Adjusting Inventory


Inventory Adjustment screen is used for such purposes mentioned above. To access the screen, go to Inventory MGMT>Inventory Adjustment


inventory adjustment screen in Nimbus


Enter a Reference No for your record.

Select Date when you are doing adjustment  (by default current date will be selected).

From drop down menu, Set Default Reason for the products being adjusted.

Note: You can define more default reasons by clicking the plus sign:

adding reason for stock adjustment in Nimbus

Select products whose inventory you want to adjust

If you want to, write down any comments about the adjusted inventory in Comments field.



adjusting inventory in Nimbus

The products will load in the grid.

If you want to reduce inventory, enter the amount with negative sign.

If you want to increase inventory, enter the amount without negative sign.

Select reason for each adjustment  from Reason drop down.

Click Save.


Inventory adjustment grid in Nimbus


Checking and Editing Records of Inventory Adjustment


The Records screen will show all inventory adjustments. You can search records by various criteria like reference number, date.

To edit any record, click it in the grid to load it on the main screen.

Make changes, or Delete it, and click Update.

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