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If you have been using Candela retail software and now want to shift your product data from Candela to Nimbus, you can do so with the help of this utility. 


To access the utility, go to:

file converter in nimbus


Importing Product Data from Candela into Nimbus


Exporting Data from Candela



Follow the step listed below to transfer data and convert the transferred file into Nimbus supported format:


In Candela go to: Utilities>Product Utilities>Export Product for Product Loader


On Criteria tab select the department whose products you want to export to Nimbus and click Generate Loader button


exporting products from candela into nimbus


Now click export icon to export data and save it. It will be saved as Excel file.


exporting data from Candela


Now open the saved Excel file and save it as Excel Workbook


Importing Product Data into Nimbus


In Nimbus, go to: Utilities>Product Utilities>Create Nimbus Compatible File


If you are importing product data of size and color items, mark the check box Department with size and colors.


Click Choose File button and select the saved Excel Workbook (.xlsx) file and click Convert button


importing product data into nimbus


A Nimbus supported product data file will be saved in the downloads.


For importing data, go to Items>Item Definition screen


Select Department for which you want to import products


Click Import Items button and select the converted file from your downloads


Importing product data against a line item in Nimbus


All product data will be imported into Nimbus. You can click All Items List tab to check details of the loaded data.


Imported books data in Nimbus


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