Performing Stock Count

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What is Stock Count?


Stock count-also known as stock take, physical audit or inventory counts- as the name implies, is the way to check your stock in store or warehouse to make sure it matches with the stock reflected in your system. Stock count is important not only for updating your stock information but also for detecting theft or any discrepancy in the inventory.


Stock count for HO controlled and Autonomous Shop


HO Controlled Shops: Like all other shop activities, stock count for all HO controlled shops can be performed by the HO.

Autonomous Shops: HO or Admin cannot perform stock count for autonomous shops. But HO can view stock count records of autonomous shops by selecting it on the Records tab.


Performing Stock Count


To access the stock count screen, from the main menu select Inventory MGMT>Stock Count


stock count screen in nimbus rms


Step 1- Load Products for Stock Count


Nimbus will show stock count records of all shops. Click New button on the top right side of the screen.


Stock Count screen will open up


In the Count Name field enter name to identify your stock count record


Select the store for which you want to perform stock count


Performing stock count in Nimbusrms


Load Products. You can load products in the following ways:


Through a loader file (note pad file of product codes)

By selecting products in the Item Code field

By selecting one or all Department and clicking Load Items button.


loading products for stock count in Nimbusrms


Allow New Items: If this checkbox is checked, you can include more items (of any department) for stock count during step 2. If this checkbox is not checked, you can perform stock count only for the items loaded in the grid in step 1.



Step 2-  Perform (Scan or Count Loaded Items)


When you save the loaded items, a new button ‘Perform’ appears on the top right side of the screen

Click Perform button

Perform Stock Count screen will open up

The grid will show the loaded products with Expected quantity (quantity in the system)


expected quantity on stock count screen in NimbusRMS


Scan Items (the cursor should be in Item Code field)

Scan an item’s barcode and  manually enter total stock qty of the scanned item in the Qty field, and click enter or Count button.


scanning items for stock count in NImbusRMS


Counted items will appear in the Counted in Units Column


To make your stock counter faster you check Quick scan Mode checkbox.  When this checkbox is marked, you will be able to quickly scan each item’s barcode and the scanned quantity will automatically appear in the counted units column. 


quick scan mode in NimbusRMS


Or you can load a notepad file by clicking Choose File button and selecting a file with product code and qty 

Once you have scanned and counted the entire list of loaded products, click Save


scanned qty on perform stock count screen in Nmbus rms


Scanning Items in Packs


For the items that are in packs, for example medicines, you have the option to scan them in packs. Mark the Scan Qty in Packs checkbox. 

The scanned packs will appear in  Counted in Packs column, and the unit quantity in scanned packs will also appear in Counted in Units column.


Scanning Size and Color Items


If you are scanning size and color items like apparel or footwear, check the checkbox Size and Color. This will result in two new columns of size and color in the grid and you will be able to see size and color of each scanned item.


Step 3- Review


After performing your stock count you can review it by clicking the Review button on the top right side of the screen.


Review Stock Count screen will show four tabs:


Reveiwing stock count in Nimbus rms

 Unmatched: This shows the list of items for which counted quantity is either less or more than the expected quantity.

Matched: This shows all items for which counted quantity  equals the expected quantity (or quantity in the system).

Total Items:  Shows list of all items for which stock count is performed. Before completing stock count, at this stage you can exclude unmatched items or any other item you don’t want to include in the stock count by clicking the Exclude button.


excluding items from stock count after reveiw in Nimbus rms

Excluded Item: shows list of all excluded items


After reviewing the stock  if you want to make any changes to the count, click the Perform button and manually make changes in the counted items columns. Or move to the next step.


Step-4 Complete (Implement Stock Count)


Once you have reviewed your performed stock count and made any required changes, hit the Complete button at the bottom right side of the screen.

If there are unmatched items, you will get the message:



Click Yes. This will implement stock count and a new record will appear in the records grid.


Stock count records in Nimbus rms

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