Generating Barcode Labels While Receiving Stock

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Generating Barcode Labels for Saved Goods Received Notes


To generate barcode labels for saved GRNn, from the record screen select and click the GRN for which you want to generate barcodes.


Good Received note records selection


The saved GRN will  open in the update mode and the Generate Barcode button will be enabled.

Note: The Quantity column in the grid will show received quantity of the selected GRN. If you want to, you can change the quantity


Select the barcode Template  and click Generate Barcode button 

Note: To customize barcodes read this article


Generating Barcodes While Receiving Stock


When you prepare a new GRN, the Generate Barcode button remains enabled. 


Select the barcode Template and click Generate Barcode button. 


Nimbus will generate barcodes for the received quantity of the stock.

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