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System Configuration module in Nimbus allows you to make default settings and configurations that will dictate how various functionalities and features on Nimbus screens are used.

To access System Configuration, go to: Configuration>System Configuration

Users defined under Administrator group can make default settings according to the business requirements.  

All tabs on the system configuration screen help you make default settings related to various functionalities.

Let’s  learn about General Settings:


Company Info


General configurations in Nimbus


Name: In this field, add company’s name. This name will be printed on all crystal reports.

Address: Enter company’s address for printing on all crystal reports.


company name of crystal reports


Label Company Name: The name entered here is printed on barcodes.


label on barcode in nimbus


Click Update to save settings.




Micellaneous settings on General tab in Nimbus


Hold Product Help check-box on many screens of Nimbus is used to hold the product help control until all products are loaded in the grid. If you check this flag, the system will make it a default setting on every screen. 

You can, however, uncheck it. 


product help checkbox in Nimbus

If Show Confirm Message After Update check box is checked, whenever you update any record you will get the following message;

confirmation message after update in Nimbus

in System Configuration

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