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Various items in grocery, pharmacy or other retail businesses are sold in packs. For example, a packet of tablets may contain, say, 20 tablets; or a carton of milk can have 12 bottles of milk and so on. Thus when you enter such items you can give their conversion factor in this field. For instance, if you want to define a packet of tables with 20 tablets you will enter the name, code and other attributes of the tablet, and in the conversion factor field, you will enter 20.

For entering the conversion factor, enter the conversion factor in Purchase Conv.Factor field 



conversion factor in nimbus


Note: For such products, the price of a single product is defined. In the above example, you will enter the price of a single tablet.

If you have defined the conversion factor for a product, you can return products in Units on GRR (Goods Return Receipt) screen.

Similarly, while selling you can easily sell in both units and packs.

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