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You can customize Discount screen in Candela Nimbus to apply discount to selected products, select shops, or selected sales.

Let’s learn how to do it.


Applying Discount to Selected Products 


On the Discount screen, enter Discount Name, select values for Discount type ,  Start and End Dates, and Charge To fields.

Now Navigate to Product (s) & Shop (s) section and select Selected Products radio button

Click product help button (question mark) to open product screen

On the product screen, either click product help icon to generate a list of products to select from or click Select Product button to select products according to various criteria.


applying discount on selected products

If you have opted for criteria selection, choose department and other attributes to select products.

Click Execute button.


criteria selection for applying discounts on products


All products falling within the selected criteria will load in the grid.

You can change Discount type, percentages, etc., for every product in the grid.


selected products grid in Candela Nimbus


After making changes, exit the screen by clicking cross on top of the screen.

You will be taken to the main screen, click Save.

The new discount campaign will be visible in the grid. 



For all discount campaigns with selected products, in the product column, word selected will appear against such campaigns

All discount campaigns will appear with their names and discounts types selected on the main screen.


Checking details of discount campaigns with selected products


From the discount grid select the discount that has ‘Selected’ against it in the Product column.

Now click product help button

Product gird showing details of various discount types for each product will be visible.


Applying Discounts on Selected Shops


If you own a number of shops, you can configure different discount campaigns for each shop.

Enter discount name and select values for Discount Type, Start &End Dates, Charge to fields.

In the Product(s) and Shop(s)  section select products

Select the radio button Selected Shops 

Now click the link Select Option and select the shops


Discount campaign will be applicable on the selected shops.


Applying Discount on Selected Sales


Discount on selected sales means you have the option to discount certain sales. For example, you may decide to give 10 percent off only on the sales that exceed 10,000 limit. If you have opted for ‘Selected Sale’ option, Receipt Disc checkbox on the Sale screen will remain unchecked. 

You will mark the checkbox for sales exceeding 10,000 and the discount will be automatically applied.

Let’s learn to configure Selected Sale discount.


Enter general information about the discount.


discount on selected sales in Candela Nimbus


Now navigate to Product(s) & Shop (s) section section and select Selected Sales.


Click Save button to save the configuration.


Because selected sale discounts are charged to receipt, product selection is disabled when you select ‘Selected Sales.’
For selected sale discount, discount grid will show ‘selected’ against the discount in Marketing Applicable column.

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