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Four types of discounts can be applied on sales receipt:

Product Discount

Receipt/Marketing Discount

Customer Discount



Let’s learn how each type of discount is applied on sales.


Product Discount


Pre-configured Product discount is a product specific discount that is configured on the Discount screen and is applied by default whenever such products are purchased.

For example, if 10 percent discount on a certain product is configured and this product is loaded on the sales and return screen, the system will automatically apply 10 percent discount and the amount will be deducted from the total amount. Product discount will appear in U.Discount column.


applying discounts on products


When product discounts are not pre-configured


Even when discounts are not configured for certain products, you can discount a product during sales. However, to be able to do so you need to have the  POS Discount Editing right.  


Remember: Rights for POS discount editing is given on Security>Users screen. Select the user group and mark the checkbox ‘Allow POS Discount Editing.’


To apply product discount during an ongoing sale, follow the steps given below:

  • Load product
  • Enter discount in Discount column and click on the green right mark icon to Apply discount

You can apply discount in both value and percentage depending upon what mode you have opted for on System Configuration>Sale tab.

  • Discount amount will appear in U.Discount column


Applying discounts in Candela nimbus


Receipt/Marketing Discount


It’s the discount that is deducted from the total amount of the sale receipt. It is a pre-configured discount which if configured will show Receipt Disc checkbox as checked, and the system will automatically deduct the configured percentage or value from the total amount.


Receipt discount in Candela nimbus


Note: To see “Receipt Discount” details, click the green button “Details” on the right hand corner.

Receipt Discount for Selected Sale

If you have configured ‘Selected Sale’ discount on the discount screen, Receipt Disc checkbox will remain unchecked. You will be able to check it for the sales you want to discount. The receipt amount will be discounted according to the percentage or value configured  on the discount screen.


Customer Discount


It’s a special discount allowed to a particular customer. Such discounts are attached to customers while defining them. Whenever a customer is selected on the sales and return screen, the type of discount attached to the customer will automatically apply. Discounts for a particular customer type is configured on Customer Type screen and these types are then attached to customers on Customer Definition screen. Customer discount will appear in Customer Discount Field.
Details of Customer discount will appear in Receipt Details


customer discount in candela nimbus




Adjustment is run-time adjustment to the total amount of sales. This type of discount is also right based and can be given by the user if s/he has the ‘Apply Adjustmentright.


To Apply adjustment follow the steps below:


  • Load all products
  • Click Payment tab to go the payment screen
  • On the Payment screen, enter adjustment amount in the Adjustment field

Adjustment can be made either to decrease the total amount of the receipt or to increase it. To deduct from the total amount, enter adjustment with the negative sign. Whereas to add to the total amount, enter it without the negative sign.



Adjustment can be applied within the limit set on System Configuration>Sale tab. For example, if 10% is the limit the total amount of the adjustment shouldn’t exceed  10 percent of the total receipt amount.


Entering Adjustment in Percentage


Adjustment on the payment tab can also be entered in percentage.

Click F1

Percentage box will pop up.

Enter percentage.

When you enter percentage, Nimbus will calculate adjustment amount according to the entered percentage ( this amount cannot exceed the limit set on System Cofiguration>Sale tab) .


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