Types of Discount in Candela Nimbus

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Discounts can be given on products or invoices or both. Candela Nimbus helps you define various types of discounts depending on the kind of discount marketing you want to employ.


Let’s have a look at various types of discounts you can use


Flat Price: Same price for all products or a group of products. You will obviously check your cost price and then set flat price accordingly. This type of discount is charged to products only.


Flat Discount: It means a fixed value of discounts on all available items or a particular range of items in a store. Flat discount can also be applied to invoices by offering a fixed discount value on all invoices- (the amount will be deducted from the total of each invoice).


Percentage Discount: This type of discount can be applied to both products and invoices. You can offer a particular percentage of discount on selected items or invoices .


 Quantity Discount Percentage: Quantity discounts offer special discount to customers who buy more than a certain number of a certain product. For example, you might offer to reduce the price by 5% if customers buy more than two shirts or two pairs of shoes.


Quantity Discount Value: It is similar to quantity discount percentage except that instead of percentage, you offer to reduce some amount of price for customers buying more than a certain number of certain products.


Value Discount: Value discount is charged to invoices only. Customers get a discount if their total purchase is above a certain amount. For example, you can set a benchmark of 10000 and offer 20% discount on the invoices exceeding 10000.


Unit Discount: This type of discount is charged to products only. It means when customers buy one item they automatically get another free of the same product.

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