Deleting Register Closing

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Once you have closed your register,  all transactions made during the closed period are locked in the system and no changes can be made in them. However, you can delete the closing by following the steps below:


The Records grid will show all register closings. The status of all closed shifts will appear as Closed. And the status of current active shift will appear as Open.


deleting register closing in Nimbusrms


You can search register closings within a certain time period by clicking the Search button and entering date range in From and To fields. All closings within the selected date range will be listed in the grid.


Select the Open shift and click the  Load button to load it.


The record will load on the Register Closing screen and Delete button will become active


Hit Delete button


deleting register closing record in nimbusrms


Once the Open shift is deleted, the last closed shift will become Open


You can select it from the grid on Records tab and delete it.


Deleting Closing of Selected Registers


Chain store users can filter register closing records on Stores and Registers.


From Store drop down menu, select the store whose register closing needs to be deleted.


If multiple registers are attached with the selected store, from Register drop down menu, select the register whose closings you want to delete


All closings of the selected store and selected register will be listed in the grid.


Now click the Load button and follow the steps explained above to delete the record.

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