Defining Areas for Cities

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Keeping area-wise track of customers will let you access details about buying patterns of customers from different areas. This in turn will help you create targeted campaigns and keep your planning customer-focused.

To access Area screen, from the main menu select Configuration>Area


After you have defined cities in Nimbus you can start defining areas for each city. All defined areas for each city will appear in Area drop down menu on the Customer screen.


Defining Areas for Cities


Select the City from the drop down menu whose areas you want to define.

Enter name of the Area.

Enter Code for the area.

Give it a Sort Order if you want to.

Enter Comments if any.

Once you have entered the required information for a particular area, click Save.


Defining city areas in Nimbus

Similarly, define all areas that you need to define for any city. All defined areas will appear in list view.

Now select the next city from the drop down menu and define areas for it, and so on.


Deleting an Area Record


To delete a record of any area, select the city from drop down menu, all defined areas for the selected city will appear in list view. Select the area you want to delete. Click Delete.

Note: If a dependent record exists for any area, you will not be able to delete area record. Dependent record means, area is already attached to a customer on Customer screen.


Updating an Area Record


To update any Area record, select a city from drop down menu.  Now from list view select the area you want to update. Make changes and click Update.

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