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When you log in to your  Nimbus account, you will see the Dashboard. Dashboard in  Nimbus is made up of numbers, quick links, charts and other data points in a visual format that provides complete visibility into your business.

From the dashboard, you can track all important metrics in a retail or wholesale business that help you make quick decisions

Important: For admin users of multi-store businesses, the dashboard will show combined data of all shops (both autonomous and HO controlled).

Sales shop users can only view data of the stores they are attached to.

Note: If you are on any other screen, you can always click the Home tab to access the dashboard.


Let’s get to know the dashboard:


dash board notifications in nimbus RMS


Checking Notifications


You can click on the bell icon to check notifications about the latest nimbus release and the changes made in various screens.


Quick Links


All quick links appear in the center of the dashboard. There are seven quick links to the frequently used screen. Clicking on the link name will take you directly to the screen



Customizing Quick Links 


You can customize quick links according to your business requirements and preference. 

To customize, simply click the pencil icon on the top. 

A screen will open us showing screen names that you can choose from.

Select the screens you want to use as quick links. 

Click Update.

The selected screens will become your quick links on the dashboard.

Note: The maximum number of screens that can be used as quick links is 10. 

To restore the default selection of quick links, again click Customize Links button.

Click each selected screen name to un-check it. 

Click Update.



Quick Business Metrics


The seven top values show the following:


uick business metrics on nimbusrmns dashboard


Today’s Sale: This figure shows the latest sales value for the current day. You can always click the refresh button (in blue) to update the sales or other values. 

Net Payable: payable to parties (like your vendors) till the current day

Net Receivables: Shows total amount receivable from customers till the current date (for multi-store versions total amount of receivables at all stores –both autonomous and HO controlled–is shown).

No. of Items: Shows total number of items (for multi-store versions total number of item in all stores-both autonomous and HO controlled- is shown).

No. of Customers:  Shows total number of customers (for multi-store versions the total number of customers of all stores-both autonomous and HO controlled- is shown).

No. of Suppliers: Shows total number of suppliers (for multi-store versions the total number of suppliers of all stores-both autonomous and HO controlled- is shown).

Yesterday’s Sale: Shows the retail value of yesterday’s sale.

Note: In multi-store versions the combined sales (of both autonomous and HO controlled) of all shops will be shown


Clean  Data Button


If you are using a trial account, you will find a Clean Data button on dashboard. By clicking this button you can clean all your  transactions (sales, GRNs, etc)  made during the trial run. The button also gives you the option to save defined items and only delete the transactions. 


clean data button in Nimbus


For regular users, Clean Data utility is in the Utilities module.


Category Wise Stock and Category Wise Sales


Category wise stock and sales pie charts reflect total company data. This means for  multi-store versions, the pie charts  show combined data for all shops. Selecting any one shop will not change the data. 

For single store versions, data for the shop will be reflected  here.


nimbus dasboard showing Category wise stock



Nimbus dasboard showing Categpry wise sale



Weekly and Monthly Sales


For multi-store version,  the graphs will show  combined weekly and monthly sales of all shops. 

Weekly Sales Graph: Weekly sales graph will show total day wise sales forthe last seven days:


nimbus dasboard showingLast week sales


Monthly Sales Graph: Monthly sales graph will show monthly sales:


Nimbus dasboard showing Monthly Sales



Sidebar Menu


Overall screen menu appears on the sidebar. You can click expand button on the top to hide or show the sidebar menu

expand button on the sidebar menu of Nimbys dashboard


Click this link if you want to watch a tutorial on dashboard.


Need more help?

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