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Once you have created various customer types, you can set different prices for each customer type. For example, you can set retail and wholesale prices for your retail and wholesale customer types.

Remember: To create retail and wholesale prices you will first have to create retail and wholesale customer types on Customer Type screen.

To access customer type based product prices screen, go to Parties>Customer Type Based Prices


customer type based prices screen in nimbus


When you select the customer type and change product price, the price of the selected products will change only for the selected customer type, meaning when this customer type is selected on the sales and return screen, they will be charged price selected for such customers.


Creating Different Prices for Various Customer Types


Changing price of one product for a particular customer type


Select customer type from the Customer Type grid

Click Generate button (the grid will become active)



Enter price in the Product Price entry field

Enter product code in the product code field or click F1 to select product whose price you want to change for the selected customer type

The product will load in grid with new price

 Click Save 


creating customer type based prices in Nimbus


Various Methods to change Prices


Nimbus RMS gives you the option to change prices in three different ways.

You can enter price in price field of Product Selection section, load product and Save

Or  from Price Setting select Action, enter Value and click Generate Price button


different ways to change prices in Nimbus


Another way to change price is to manually enter price in the grid against the select item/s

Changing price of multiple products for a particular customer type


You can also change price of multiple products for a particular customer type by following the steps listed below:

Select Customer type from the grid

Click F1 and select products (check hold product checkbox )

All selected products will load in the grid. 

You can change price of each product by selecting one of the methods discussed above. 

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