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If you deal in multiple product lines, you can categorize products under different departments. These departments are like departments in the system. For example, if you sell groceries and apparel you can create two departments for these product lines and define grocery products under the department grocery and apparel items under the department apparel.

Steps to create a Department


  • From the sidebar menu, select Items>Department Attributes>Department Definition


line item screen in Nimbus


  • In the Department Name field, enter department name
  • In Department Code field, enter a unique code
  • If it’s a size and color department mark ‘With Size and ┬áColor’ ┬ácheckbox

This check-box is checked for departments with size and color (for example, footwear and apparel), and it is unchecked for standard items without size and color.

  • In the Comments field enter any comments you want to for a ready reference (entering comments is not mandatory).
  • Assign Sort Order. Assigning sort order number sorts the record in list view.
  • Click Save


Defining line items in Nimbus


Now click the Save button.

When you click save, the screen will clear and you can click New to create another department.

All create departments will appear on the Record screen.


records screen of line items

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