Receiving stock of Size & Color Items

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To receive and enter stock of size and color items (for example,  apparel or footwear), from the sidebar menu select Purchase>GRN Matrix (Goods Receipt Note Matrix)

screen for receiving stock of size and color items in Nimbus

Goods Received Note Matrix is a document that is used to record the Size and color inventory items received from suppliers. Nimbus gives you the option to record all size and color items in a grid format thus making it easier to save records according to various sizes and colors. 

Default GRN Matrix Screen


The Default GRN Matrix screen shows 10 latest GRN matrix records. To create a new record, click on the New button (green plus button on the top right side of the screen). GRN Matrix tab will open up.

Entering Inventory in the Matrix


For entering basic information in Supplier, Adjustment Expense and Tax details check the article Receiving stock 

Now navigate to Item Selection section.

Click Product help button to select size and color products.

All products will load in the grid.

Now enter received sizes against each color.

matrix grid for receiving stock in Nimbus

Click Save.


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