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Nimbus allows you to group your customers by assigning them certain types. You can create customer types according to your requirements.

To access Customer Type screen, go to: Parties>Customer Types


accessing customer type screen in Nimbus



Customer Type Records


The default screen will show records of all defined customer types.

To delete or edit any customer type record, double click the record in the grid.

It will load on the Customer Type tab.

Make changes and click Update button.

Or click Delete if you want to delete the record.


Note: If you have already assigned a customer type to customers, Nimbus will not let you delete it and you will get a warning message ‘You are not allowed to delete this record because dependent record exists.’


Creating  New Customer Types


Note: Customer types are assigned to customers on Customer screen. The discount attached to each type is automatically charged when an invoice is made against such customers.


If you are on the Records tab, click New button to move to the Customer Type tab.


In the Name field enter name for the customer type you want to create


Code: Enter code for the customer type.


In discount % field add discount percentage that you want to attach to a particular type.


Note:  Discount field will be visible only if Department Wise Customer Discount %  checkbox is NOT checked on System configuration>Sale tab


Select the required radio buttons and check-boxes:


Visible on All Shops: Select this check-box if you want the customers defined against the specific membership type to be visible on all shops.

Visible on Own Shop: Select this check-box if you want the customers defined against the selected type to be visible only on the shops where they are defined. 

Default Customer Type: Check if you want to make the defined customer type as default type. 


Note: When you check this check-box, Nimbus makes the selected customer type the default selection in Customer Type drop down on Customer screen.


Security On: If the security check is on for a particular customer type, sales persons will not be able to load customers defined against this type by clicking F1. The customers defined against such type will only be loaded by swiping their cards.


If you want to, enter Comments about the defined customer type.


Click Save.


creating a customer type in nimbus


All defined customer types will appear on the Records grid:


list view of defined customer types in Nimbus

You can also attach item wise discount to each customer type. For details check this article.

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