Creating a New Purchase Order

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Purchase order is an important document in retail or wholesale business that is issued by a buyer to suppliers. It specifies the types of items and their quantities that you need from your supplier, and also spells out details about delivery dates, delivery address and prices.

You can create a purchase order to keep a record of the goods you need and save it. Once you are ready to purchase you can send it your suppliers.

To learn more about the Purchase order default screen, check this article

Entering Basic Details of a Purchase Order


From the Supplier drop-down select the supplier you would like to order products from.

If the supplier is not in your contact list, you can quickly define a new supplier by clicking the plus button next to Supplier field.

Note: Selecting a supplier is important. If your purchase order is not meant for a particular supplier, you can select any supplier from the list or create a dummy supplier for such purchase orders. Without supplier selection the system will not let you save a purchase order


Issue date will default to the current date. You can change it by clicking the date icon.


In Reference Number field enter any reference number for your own record. 


In Delivery date field enter date when you expect the supplier to deliver products


In Dest Address field enter the address where you expect the supplier to deliver your products.


creating a purchase order in Nimbus



Selecting Items for a Purchase Order


To select items for a purchase order, navigate to Item Selection section


Check Hold Item Help checkbox


click the Item help  (question mark)button 


Item screen will pop up.


Double click the  item you want to order.


Once you have selected all the items you want to order,  close the screen by clicking the cross on the top right hand corner or click Esc on your system.


You can also select particular items by entering Code or Name and clicking Search button.


product screen in candela Nimbus

Selected items will load in the grid.


Now enter the quantity you want to order in Order Qty column in the grid


Click Save


order quantity in a purchase order


Purchase Order Line Fields Explained


  • Item Code:  codes of the selected items
  • Unit Rate: Cost price of an item
  • Shop Inv:  Current inventory (of items) at the (selected) shop
  • PO intransit: PO in transit shows total quantity of a particular item in transit meaning the quantity that has been ordered but not yet received. This information is useful while preparing a new Purchase order.
  • Retail Price: Retail price of the item
  • Margin%: Percentage of profit margin
  • Order Qty: Here you enter the quantity you want to order
  • Amount: Total Amount shows total payable amount for the ordered quantity of an item.
  • Comments: Here you can add any comment about the items ordered.
  • Delete: Click this to delete any item record from the grid


Additional line fields for Items with size and color


When you are making a purchase order for items with sizes and colors (for example, apparel and footwear), you can activate additional fields in the grid to see details like size, color, and name of each selected item.

To enable additional line fields for size and color items, mark the check box ‘Show Item Detail.’

The following additional fields will be enabled:

  • Name: Name of the loaded product
  • Size: Size of the loaded item
  • Color: Color of the loaded item


size and color item selection


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