Configuring Discount on an Entire Sale

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With Candela Nimbus, you can apply pre-configured discounts on an entire sale. This type of discount is charged to the total amount of the receipt and can be applied in the following ways:

With Discount Type Flat Discount.


Enter name, code and date range for the discount

From discount type field select Flat Discount

Enter discount amount in Discount field

From Charge to drop down select Invoice



Whenever a discount is configured to be charged on a receipt, Receipt Disc check box appears checked on the sales and return screen, and the field shows discount amount. 


With Discount Type Percentage Discount


percentage discount on receipt in candela nimbus


With Discount Type Value Discount 


Value discount can only be charged to invoices. Customers get a discount if their total purchase is above a certain amount. For example, you can set a benchmark of 10000 (in Inv Amount field) and offer 10% discount on the invoices exceeding 10000.


value discount on receipts in candela nimbus


Note: Discount  that are charged to receipts can be configured for Selected Sales but they cannot be configured for Selected Products. 

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