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To access Discount screen, from the main menu navigate to Sale>Discount


discount screen in candela cloud


Discounts in Candela Nimbus can be configured in a number of different ways:

On all products or selected products

On invoice for all sales or selected sales

For a certain date range

For selected days within a certain date range

For selected time within a certain date range


Let’s have a look at the various ways in which discounts can be configured.


To configure your selected discount type, follow the steps below:


Select a Name for your discount campaign.

Enter a Code for the campaign.

From Discount Type drop down, select the type of discount you want to use.

Select Start and End dates (discount will be applicable within this period)

If your selected discount type is applicable in percentage, enter percentage in the next field.


configuring discounts in candela Nimbus


The percentage field in the figure above is dependent on the Discount Type selected and will change accordingly.

If discount type is flat price, field’s title will be Price

If it is Flat discount, field’s title will be Discount

If it is Percentage, field’s title will be Percentage

If it is Qty Disc Percentage, field’s title will be Quantity

If it is Value Discount, field’s title will be Percentage


Configuring Invoice Discount (also known as Marketing Discount)


Invoice or Marketing discounts are charged to receipts meaning the configured discount percentage or value is deducted from the total amount of the receipt. 

Invoice discount can be given in both value and percentage. 

From Discount Type drop down select value or percentage

If you have selected percentage enter the figure in Percentage field.

From Charge To drop down menu select Invoice.

 (If discount type is Value, the system will default to Invoice selection)

applying marketing discount in Nimbusrms

Note: for configuring discount on selected sales (or receipt of a certain amount, check this article

Configuring Discount for Selected Date and Time


In Candela Nimbus, once you have decided on the duration (start and end date) for a particular discount, you can customize it further.  You can also opt to make your discount operational on certain days or for a certain time range.

Customizing Time slot


If you want to keep the configured discount operational for all time within the selected time period, mark the checkbox ‘All Time.’

You may opt to set a certain time slot within which the discount becomes operational. For example, if you have configured a percentage discount of, say, 10 percent for a week and want to  offer this discount only in the evening before closing, this is what you will do:

Uncheck the checkbox ‘All Time’

Select the time range in Start Time and End Time fields.


Discount for selected time slot in Candela Nimbus


Customizing Days


Similarly, you can also choose to make the discount operational on certain days within the selected date range. 

Uncheck All Days checkbox

Select days by clicking Select Options link


discount for selected days in Candela Nimbus


Once you have configured a discount according to your requirements, click Save button.


The record of all saved discount campaigns will appear in list view:

Discount grid in Candela Nimbus


To learn how to configure discount for selected products,  shops & sale check this article




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