Changing Stock Quantity per Pack

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In  Nimbus, while creating a GRN, by default you enter stock in packs. However, at times the unit quantity in a certain pack may change. 

Consider. You have defined a product, a box of chocolates, as having a conversion faction 12 meaning there are 12 chocolates in one box.

Now suppose when you receive your next stock, the quantity per pack has changed to 10, what would you do?

  • Go to Grid Settings section
  • Mark the checkbox ‘Show Conversion Detail.’


Show conversion details on GRN


  • In the Grid the Qty/Pack (quantity per pack) column will become active; you can enter the units here and save.


Entering stock in units in Nimbus


How did this happen?

When you marked the ‘Show Conversion Detail’ checkbox, the system enabled the Qty/Pack column and changed the conversion factor for this particular GRN .

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