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Once a purchase order is saved, the system automatically assigns a status to it.  There are two types of purchase order statuses described below:


When you save a purchase order it is assigned an Open status meaning the inventory against this order has not been received yet. The status of the purchase order will remain open till all inventory items and their quantities listed in the order are received.

If there are remaining quantities not yet received the status of the purchase order will not change. However, you have the option to manually close the status of the order.


Close status of a purchase order indicates that all inventory items against the order have been received and there are no remaining quantities.


Checking and changing Status of Purchase Order


  • To check the status of a purchase order, click the Records tab
  • Select the supplier to display the purchase order made against that supplier
  • Select the date range to display purchase orders made during a specific time period
  • All saved purchase orders and their statuses will be visible in the grid
  • To manually change the status of any purchase order click ‘Change PO Status’.


status of a purchase Order in Candela Nimbus


Closing PO Status on the Main Screen

There is another way to close PO status.:

Go Records tab.

Select the record to change its status.

It will load on the main screen.

Mark the checkbox ‘Close PO Status‘ on the top right corner.

Click Update.

The status of the PO will become Closed.

closing PO status on main screen of Nimbus


Note: If the entire inventory is not received against a particular purchase oder but you still want to close it, you can do so manually. The closed PO will not show on the GRN screen

Similarly, if you want to open a closed PO you can do so manually. The open PO will again become visible on the GRN screen.



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