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Cancelling a Sale


You may have to cancel an ongoing sale if a customer suddenly changes her mind and decides not to buy. All you have to do is simply click the Cancel button at the bottom of the screen. It will clear all loaded products and other data, and you can start again with the next sale.


Canceling a sale in candela nimbus



Removing Products from an Ongoing Sale


Sometimes you may enter  a wrong product by mistake or  a customer may want  you to remove a certain product from an ongoing sale. In Candela Nimbus you can easily remove the unwanted product during the ongoing sale.

Scroll to the end of the screen, and click Void against the product you want to remove.


Removing products from sale invoice



Searching Saved Sales


  • To search saved sales, click Search button on the top of the screen


search saved sale in candela Nimbus


  • On the search screen, click Search. By default the search screen will show saved sale receipts of the current date. ( But for the system to show saved sales of the current date Automatically Update checkbox should be checked)


  • Click the Search Criteria button to set filters for your search and click Search button


search sale criteria in Candela Nimbus


  • All saved sales falling within the search criteria will load in the grid


Saved sales in the search grid

To load a saved sale on the main screen, double click the sale in the grid.




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