Attaching Sales Person to Sale

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Many retail stores follow the policy of commission based sales where sales person’s commission is calculated according to the number of sales s/he has made. In Nimbus RMS you can not only attach a sale to a sale person but you can also attach each item to a different sales person in a single receipt. 

Let’s learn how to do it.


Selecting Sales Person for the entire sale


If a single person has facilitated the entire sale, cashier (or whosoever is making the sales receipt) can select the salesperson’s  name from Salesperson field and select it:


selecting salesperon while making a sale in Nimbus RMS


list of salespersons on sale and return screen in nimbus rms


Name of a salespersons will appear in the sales person help window only if ‘Set as Sales Person’ checkbox on Store Employees screen is checked for that employee.


Attaching Sales Person to Each Item


In big retail stores, different sales person are responsible facilitating sales in various departments. Item wise sale person feature in Nimbus RMS helps you attach each item with its sale person.

To use this feature Item Wise Sale Person checkbox on System Configuration>Sale should be checked. When this checkbox is marked, salesperson field appears against each item in the grid and thus each item can be attached to a different salesperson:


item wise sales person in Nimbus RMS

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