Attaching customer Type Discounts to Departments

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Nimbus allows you to configure different discount percentages on departments for each customer type. This means each customer type will get discount according to the discount configured on department for its type. 

Consider this example: You have defined two customer types: Gold and Silver, and you deal in five departments (product lines). You now configure various percentages on your departments and attach them to customer type Gold. The Gold type customers will then get discount according to the discount percentage configured for each department.

Similarly, for Silver customer type you can configure different percentages for each department. The Silver customer types will get discount accordingly.


Creating Department Wise Discount


Configure Nimbus for Department wise discount. Go to Configuration>System Configuration>Sale tab.  Mark the check-box ‘Department wise Customer Discount%.’

When this checkbox is checked,  department grid appears on Customer Type screen.


From the Records tab grid select the Customer Type to which you want to attach department wise discounts.


Double click the record to load it on customer type tab


In the department grid, enter discount percentages against each department.


If you are attaching department wise discount to an already defined customer type, click Update.


If you are defining a new customer type and attaching it to various departments, click Save.


Note: To define a new customer type, click the button New. For details check this article


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