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To access the supplier screen, from the main menu select Parties>Supplier


Enter Basic information about the supplier


adding suppliers in Nimbus


Supplier Name can be name of the supplier company or person. This name will appear in all supplier drop-down menus. This name will also appear on all invoices of the supplier.

Supplier Code is a unique code that you can assign to each supplier. 

Contact Person can be any representative of the supplier who can be contacted for business  purposes.


Enter Supplier contact Details


supplier contact information in Nimbus

In contact details fields, enter all standard contact information like Address, phone Mobile, Fax and Email.

Email address entered here is the email address the system will default to when you try to email a Purchase Order to the Supplier.


Enter Supplier Accounts Information


upplier account information in Nimbus


Enter Supplier’s NTN number.

System defaults to the current date as the Opening Date of the supplier. Supplier’s record is maintained in the system from the opening date onward.

Opening Balance is outstanding amount payable to the supplier on the supplier’s opening date.

Note: Supplier Opening Balance is reflected on Supplier Account Opening and Supplier Payments screens.

End Date is the date you enter when you want to terminate a particular supplier’s record. After the end date the supplier’s name will not be visible on Product Definition or GRN supplier drop down menus.

Entering End Date, however, will not delete the supplier’s previous record.


Adding comments on supplier screen in Nimbus


Comments field is used to enter any additional information about the supplier that you need for your record.

Once you have entered the above information, click Save button.

The list view will show a complete list of all defined suppliers and the relevant information.


listview of suppliers in Nimbus

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