Adding Item Based Attributes

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What are Item Based Attributes?


Product based attributes are product tags that are applicable to all products irrespective of the departments. Product attributes help you further refine your product identification by attaching more tags to each product. For example, you can attach attributes like season, brand, gender, etc. to each product and later generate attribute specific reports to see sale performance of products according to various attributes.


Attaching Item Attributes to Items


  • Select Department
  • Define product
  • Navigate to the section Item Based and click to expand it
  • Click on the plus sign to define attributes and save
  • All defined attributes will appear in drop down menu, select the one you want to attach to the selected item.



Insert new product attribute in candela Nimbus


product based attributes in candela Nimbus



All itemt based attributes are customizable meaning retailers can change attribute name according to their requirements by going to the system configuration>Product tab.   For example, you can change the name ‘item Gender’ to ‘Brand’ and so on.



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