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All customer details are added into Nimbus on Customer screen. To open this screen, from the main menu select Parties>Customer


customer screen in Nimbus


Adding a New Customer


In the Customer Info section Customer fields will show shop ID (where the customer is being defined) and auto generated customer number.


Nimbus automatically generates a unique customer number for every customer. Even if two customers share the same name, this number is unique to each individual Customer.


Enter customer’s name in the editable customer field.


Select Customer Type and Customer Group from the drown-down menus.

Nimbus allows you to assign customers to a Customer Type and Customer Group. You can create  customer types on Parties>Customer Types.

Customer groups and types can be used to apply group and type wise discounts.


Select Start Date, Expiry Date, DOB and Anniversary.


Note: Expiry Date is the date when membership of a particular customer expires or ends.


Now expand Customer Contact section and enter other details, address, contact names, phone numbers and email addresses, etc., in the relevant fields.


Expand Customer Details section to enter information about credit limit and opening balance.

If you want to allow credit to the customer, mark the checkbox Allow Credit, and enter amount in the Credit Limit field to set the limit.


One important step while adding customer’s details in Nimbus is to enter the opening balance amount owed by the customer. The Opening Amount is the amount of all outstanding invoices that have not been paid by the customers.


entering customer details in Nimbus


After entering all information, click Save.


Adding another customer record


When you click Save button after entering information , all information will be save and at the same time a clear form appears for the next record.  



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