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What are Department Based Attributes?


Department based attributes are product item tags which change with every department. Separate tags are used for each department to further categorize them. Defining various department based attributes for your business isn’t mandatory. However, they streamline your business and help you generate attribute specific reports that can be used to leverage strengths of your products, differentiate between hot- selling and not- selling- so- well items, and thus improve your profit/loss ratio.

Let’s consider this example of one department, Electronics. As ‘electronic’ covers a wide range of items we may further categorize them to differentiate our products. For instance, we can assign tags like ‘kitchen tools,’ ‘juicers,’ ‘choppers,’ etc. to the department electronics.

Let’s learn how to assign tags or attributes to departments:


  • Select the Department
  • Enter product name and code
  • Navigate to the Department Based section and click to expand it.
  • You will see five department based attributes


Line Item based attributes in Candela Nimbus

  • Click the plus sign against the attribute you want to define and enter Name and Code for the attribute


Defining line item based attributes in Candela Nimbus


  • Click Save
  • Similarly, now move on to the next attribute and follow the above steps.


A note about Department based attributes


There are five department based attributes, out of which  three are variables that you can customize (change tag names ) according to your business requirements. 

Category: Assigning a category to a department can help you filter reports by a particular category. For example, if you have selected a department ‘Electronics’ you can assign a category ‘Kitchen tools’ to a particular product

Sub-Category: is another attribute that helps you further categorize your departments by assigning sub categories to categories. For example, if you have a department ‘Electronics’ and you have defined it’s category as ‘Kitchen tools’ you can further categorize this department by defining sub categories like ‘egg beater,’ ‘garlic press,’ etc.

Product Group: You can use this attribute filed to assign another tag to the selected department. 

Age Group (customizable): You can change the name of this attribute by going to System Configuration screen

Packing Code (customizable): The name of this attribute field can also be changed according to your business requirements. To change it, go to System Configuration screen.

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