Creating a CSV file

Importing a CSV file

If Start Import command gives an error message there could be the following reasons:

  • The imported CSV file is not according to the given format
  • The products included in the file already exist in the system.


What if my CSV file has some products that exist in the system and others that don’t?

Candela Nimbus will run a quick check of your CSV file and exclude products that already exist in the system. This means, the products that don’t exist in the system (provided the format is right) will be loaded.


Will the system tell me about the type of error being made while importing products?

Yes. The system will give you complete details in P-01 Product Loader Error Report. The report will not only show details (names and codes) of excluded products but will also outline reasons for exclusion.


I am a Newbie

You have questions? we have the answers!

Will trial version give me full access to all features?


Yes, once you register for the trial account, you will be able to use every feature.


After the trial period expiry, what will happen to the data I entered during the trial period?


Your data will remain on our azure servers. After the trial period expiry, we will hold your data for 20 days. And if you do not upgrade to the paid version within this period your trial period data will be deleted.


What if I want to purchase the paid version before the trial period expires?


You can easily do so by contacting LumenSoft at 92-42-111-290-290 or drop a word at contact@lumensoft.biz


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